Trip Top Technologies

If you are looking for one-stop on-line travel system for you website or office - your search is over! Inquire now for Travel@Anywhere system, and become independent OTA, or local distributor!
We offer multiple partnership options as per your interest, reach, influence in your local markets. It is an extremely rewarding program which promises additional revenue to every partner associated with Trip Top Technologies
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*Premier Partner
The Premier Partner Program is designed for technology companies and solution providers that want to offer bundled solutions that include Trip Top Technologies’s technology services. Premier Partners can offer Trip Top Technologies’s services on a branded or white-label basis as part of an overall value-added solution. Volume discounts for Trip Top Technologies’s services range up to 30 percent. Premier Partners are established organizations that can assume responsibility for all client care, contracting, pricing and billing.
*Authorized Sales Agent Partner
The Authorized Sales Agent Partner Program is ideal for companies whose core business is related to either or travel and hospitality services and who are looking for additional revenue to help expand their business. Sales Agent Partners serve as Trip Top Technologies’s representatives in specific geographic areas and vertical markets. Their employees engage customers and close sales. Compensation consists of commission payments based on a percentage of revenue collected and bonus payments for new customer acquisition and sales of strategically important services.
*Referral Partner
Businesses and individuals can earn money in the Referral Partner Program by generating leads that result in closed business and new revenue for Trip Top Technologies. Referral Partners receive a finder's fee when a customer they refer to the Trip Top Technologies sales team signs a 60 days of the contract being signed. Trip Top Technologies offers the industry's widest range of services, with offerings for travel companies, including tour operators, travel agents and Web sites.