Dear partners, as we continue to try and improve our system to meet the needs of our clients-we have decided to reply to a growing demand to advertise in our system.
We have over 250 agents using our system daily.
We are now offering 3 new ways to advertise your products to all of our partners and our online visitors.
To advertise in our system, please call us: 03-5171448 ext. 3,
international: 97235171448 ext. 3
Main terminal page banners:
Our Travel Agent Terminal is All In One solution for more than 250 travel agencies, using it daily. The main page of terminal is a home for hundreds of agents, where your banner will be in focus, and this is an easy way to get the attention needed.
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Inner Treminal pages banners.
Inner Termial pages - Flights, Charters, Vacation Packages, Hotels, Insurance, Sport Events, Transfers - are dedicated for searching travel services by agents, who use our Travel Agent Terminal. More than 250 travel agencies make more than 2500 searches each day, which means that they not only visits Service Pages, but have a strong focus on them.
Banner size: 728px / 90px
During search advertisement.
We have more than 2500 searches of different travel services, holded by our system daily. While searching, user have to wait about 30 seconds, before search results will be displayed. This is a perfect time and place to publish your banner, which will draw attention of user to your product / service.
Banner size: 468px / 60px