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Travel@AnywhereTM  is a technologically advanced multi-content B2C Internet Booking Engine and B2B Online Selling Platform used by travel consolidators, agencies and other Customers of tourism industry.

It is an an easy and fast way to feed the passion for travel needs while using Travel@AnywhereTM   and enjoying the flexibility,speed, security and wide range of best offers from different air and non-air suppliers.

Key Features - Travel@AnywhereTM

  • Multi-products Online Selling Platform: regular airlines, LCC, charters, hotels, rent-a-car, transfers, insurance etc.  

  • Functionalities and  modules may be plugged in or unplugged at the Customer’s request

  • Dynamic packaging  of different product types , fare compare tools with best price selection option

  • Shopping basket and possibility to create dynamic packages

  • Multilingual Customer’s settings support    

  • Pricing management (mark-up/mark-down control) on several business logic layers

  • Powerful Deal Editor – Promo Deals may be created for any product type using flexible tuning tools

  • Commission management, fees distribution and control etc.

  • Suppliers conditions and their markups/commissions management etc.

  • Bookings (Dockets) management and editing etc.

  • Powerful build-in accounting subsystem including credit line control,invoicing,receipts, balance statements and more.

  • Credit (voucher based), prepaid, on hold, online paid and mixed forms of payment and accounting with control over deposits and vouchers

  • Loyalty Bonus Points System and Redemption Shop   

  • Instant operator to operator messaging (B2B)

  • Use of travel agent’s own brand on Back End - documents (invoices, receipts, statements, confirmations etc), and on Front End - website, workspace etc.

  • Variety of advertising,cross/up-selling and promotional marketing tools  

  • Endless amount of search engine designs to fit each of the sites pages; different layouts of fare search/results display for all the Products

  • Booking process is fully customized to fit website UI; responsive design is supported.  

  • Private User’s Zone (Personal Cabinet) for Users registration and or management of their own and or their travel companions personal data and or preferences, review and management of bookings and travel history etc.

  • Detailed products description with alerts for visa, low-cost carriers and more

  • Generate emails for booking confirmations and pdf docs

  • Multilingual & multi-currency support

  • Secured (Https) hosting to secure clients data confidentiality

  • Payment Gateways integration  

  • Multiple booking methods (system allows to make bookings on-hold and or online payment), multi form of payment is supported

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Travel agencies and non-travel Web Portals use Travel@Anywhere>TM search and promo modules as well marketing tools to engage  their existing  website immediately, or  set-up their own completely new web-sites in extremely short time and with minimum financial damage to their off-line business.

We help website owners to turn traffic into money by becoming our affiliates and gaining access through SAAS model software into dynamic and lucrative travel business.

We use latest technology to fully customize and integrate Travel@AnywhereTM  into websites to allow visitors to search, compare and book flights, hotels, cars and other travel products in a simple and transparent way. Triptop brings a unique, tailored, highly profitable, flexible and fully protected product that allows to package holidays and to set desired price and margins. We cooperate with a large number of trade suppliers giving our affiliates access to almost every destination and a great selection of holidays readily available to sell without incurring any outlay beforehand. This gives a fantastic competitive advantage to any business by releasing cash for marketing, advertising and brand growing.

We provide all the tools to help our Customers for their successful business!

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