Trip Top Technologies


Today Travel@AnywhereTM  isused by more about 200 Customers operated by both travel agencies and independent informational or corporate web portals. Travel@Anywhere ™ is real Online Travel Market Icebreaker in Israel and spreading to other countries.


Why Travel@Anywhere ™ ?


One Stop Shop. Today Travel@Anywhere ™  offers to its Customers  great variety of services available 24/7/365 running, including low fare and promo search for flights, hotels, vacation packages, charter and low cost flights, car rental, transfers in one package, thus reducing the time spent by their Customers. The presentation of Products’ fare display is performed to  cover the Customer’s requirements - either calendar dates (+/- days matrix) fare  display or flat customized proposal. In addition, and in order to enrich the offer and build value creation, TRIPTOP ongoing expands the offer of its Products portfolio to include more Content Providers and functionality enhancements   (e.g. ancillary services, local vacations, events,  dynamic packages, insurance, hotel wholesalers, resorts and cruises providers etc).

User-friendly. TRIPTOP ensures booking and sales process through the internet for worldwide usage and provides the most user-friendly interface, adapted for all existing types of mobile/tablet devices and browsers as well as social media applications.   

Deals & Prices Control. Travel@Anywhere ™  offers to its Customers flexibility in support of multiple language and currencies (display and payment); pricing control tool  by using the  comprehensive tuning promotional tools, allowing the price adjustment and promotional discounts / commissions by different parameters. Such functions such as Mark-Up, Mark-Down, Promotional Deals Editors are available on different layers of Customer’s hierarchy – from User’s level to single subagent terminal or website level.

Creation of Unique/Individual promo Offers to End-Customers. Travel@Anywhere ™  offers to its Customers the option to create and define special offers to their end-customers on services of their own choice. Such offers may be defined according to various parameters (i.e. change of net price, departure or return destination, type of ticket etc.).

Payments. Travel@Anywhere ™  offers the connectivity to multiple online and offline payments options, mixed forms of payments, inclusive “on hold” and other miscellaneous form of payment such as wallets, bonus points etc.

Personal Cabinet. Travel@Anywhere ™ offers the smart tracking and storage of the User’s preferences (private data, friends & relatives, special requests, bonus points etc. ) and booking data which enables to process printing out the required travel documents and or make the modifications of his/ her orders.  Other information can be technically integrated into Personal Cabinet as well aka CRM,Mileage System,Call Center etc.  

Back-Office Management. Travel@Anywhere ™ provides the Customers the ability to manage their own Back-Office, including storage and issuance of travel documents (vouchers, invoices, receipts etc.), bookings (Dockets) management, issuance of confirmations and other required documents to the end-User, checking the status of bookings list, making statement list, alerts and notifications on the outstanding/pending bookings/items, deposit and balance control tools etc..

Searching for Products/Services according to the Predefined Parameters. Wide range of filters and search tools allows the B2B Customers to search for both complicated and or simple round-trip journeys, compare search results and provide their end customer with relevant quotations.

Flexibility in connectivity to other web sites (Affiliate or Partnership Marketing), cross/up-selling instruments, reporting tools inclusive the synchronization with Google, other Content/Service Provider integration in/out capabilities,which enables the support to upload and transfer different kind of data to other systems. Such flexibility is stretched throughout all the systems components and is designed to answer any request our Customers may have.

Products: Multi-product Selling Platform allowing to add new Products into it, expand the variety of already existent Products, and integrate Content Providers/Suppliers, all of this to provide the Customers/end-Users with a great variety of Products under compatible prices.

Pricing: Prices, commissions, fees and markups are easily maneuvered and adjusted to Customer's needs.

Design: There is no end to possible creative designs. Playing with colors, size and shape, allows us to integrate the system into any website, making sure that our system fits where required, taking the look and feel of the website while simply operating all the tasks required.

Operation: The system is suitable to operate with all types of GDS/non-GDS connectors, multi-POS and different office IDs, allowing companies from all over the world to take advantage of Travel@Anywhere ™  and using it for their specific needs.

Price Comparison among different Suppliers Travel@Anywhere ™  draws data from more than one supplier from each service field (e.g. Flight tickets - Amadeus, Travelport and Sabre; Hotels – HotelsPro, Hotelbeds, GoGlobal, GTA, MIKI and Travco; Car rental –, CarTrawler, etc.). Different Suppliers may offer the same service (e.g. the same Hotel) in different prices depending on their terms of engagement with the relevant source of service. Travel@AnywhereTM compares the prices offered by the different Suppliers for the same service and presents the lowest offer, thus enabling the Customer to be more competitive and offer to his end-User the best offer on the market.

Integration. Travel@Anywhere ™ allows an immediate integration into any website. The system does all of its operation within the host website providing the website owner to add value to its existing website. New B2B2C websites can be built in hours based on Travel@Anywhere™ , providing a fully operating website that allows visitors to search and book travel products.