Trip Top Technologies


Travel@Anywhere ™ offers a combination of comprehensive Back (Server Side) End and Front (Client Side) End technology and leveraging the power of its flexibility and cost effectiveness of  B2C, B2B and B2B2C affiliation marketing.

Travel@Anywhere ™   provides 3 different types of realization:

  1. (B2C)  For web sites – Online Modular Engine.  Fast integration creates an ability to fully control interface to match the design and concept of website. This allows our Customers to build and progress their brand and quickly create websites based on our selling platform.The Customers have the ability to share it on their Partners’ websites.

  1. (B2B2C)  integration of DDEX  (Data Distribution Exchange) allows tourism companies, suppliers, tour operators and aggregators to maintain an effective marketing tool for their own products through partner websites while maintaining and expanding their own brand. As online visitors become reluctant to use banner advertisement, Integrative and responsive widgets create a new marketing model to be used by leading companies. Our system provides this marketing tool in a fast and low cost integration.  Integration of widgets into corporate websites allows meeting the needs of such clients while maintaining that the system is available only to them. Providing them with proper call and online support

  1. (B2B) For travel agents/or corporations – Online Desktop Version allowing to search, book, pay, cancel and control bookings of different Products with the ability to compare different suppliers, all this without the need to go from one system to another – ALL IN ONE. A strong docket system allows to control and monitor changes that are made to each booking, follow funds, payments, creation of vouchers and invoices – provides our Customers  with all they need for a fast and carefree work. Customers have the ability to create a hierarchy of departments with separate access to dockets and separate prices and deals