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Travel@AnywhereTM B2C

Key Features - Travel@AnywhereTM  B2C:


  • Multi-products online booking & selling platform: regular airlines, LCC, charters, hotels, rent-a-car, transfers, insurance and events etc.  

  • Shopping basket and possibility to create dynamic packages

  • Functionalities and   modules may be plugged in or unplugged at Customer’s request.

  • Pricing management (mark-up/mark-down control) on several business logic layers

  • Variety of advertising,cross/up-selling and promotional marketing tools  

  • Endless amount of search engine designs to fit each of the sites pages; different layouts of fare search/results display for all the Products

  • Booking process is fully customized to fit website UI; responsive design is supported.  

  • Private User’s Zone (Personal Cabinet) for Users registration and or management of their own and or their travel companions personal data and or preferences, review and management of bookings and travel history etc.

  • Detailed products description with alerts for visa, low-cost carriers and more

  • Generate emails for booking confirmations and pdf docs

  • Multilingual & multi-currency support

  • Secured (Https) hosting to secure clients data confidentiality

  • Multiple booking methods (system allows to make bookings on-hold and or online payment), multi form of payment is supported

  • Payment Gateways integration

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